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By Any Means - Wicklow to Wollongong, Hardback Book

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Following the phenomenal success of Long Way Round, Race to Dakar and Long Way Down, adventurer extraordinaire Charley Boorman is back with a brand new voyage. Charley, travelling with his friend and director, Russ Malkin, is faced with the utmost challenge: to get himself from Wicklow County in Ireland to Sydney, Australia by any means of transportation available. From yaks to Yugos, trucks to trawlers and ferries to fruit boats, no mode of moving transport is overlooked as Charley negotiates his way through 25 countries and over 20,000 miles.

Taking in Eastern Europe and the undiscovered countries of far Western Asia, moving across India and high up into the Himalayas, Charley mixes his passion for travelling with his love of meeting people and appreciating some of the world’s most incredible offerings. This is an exhilarating story uncovering a vast array of exciting vehicles that in turn unleashes the flavour of each nation visited.

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