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Long Way Down - Hardback - Limited

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After their fantastic Long Way Round adventure in 2004, fellow actors and bike fanatics Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman couldn't shake the travel bug. After an inspirational UNICEF visit to Africa, they knew they had to go back & experience this extraordinary continent in more depth.

So they set off on their 15,000-mile journey with two new BMWs loaded up for the trip. Joining up with producer/directors Russ Malkin & David Alexanian & the Long Way Round team, their route took them from John O'Groats at the northernmost tip of Scotland to Cape Agulhas on the southernmost tip of South Africa. Riding through spectacular scenery, often in extreme temperatures and challenging terrain,

Ewan and Charley faced some of their hardest challenges yet. With their trademark humour and honesty, they tell their story - the drama and the sheer exhilaration of riding together again, through a continent filled with magic and wonder.

On their incredible journey their endurance, biking skills and friendship are tested to the limit. The boy's underlying message as usual is, we're no experts, so if we can do it - anyone can.

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