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Race to Dakar Book Set x3 - REDUCED IN SALE

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This is unique personally signed Hardback & Trade Paperback Book Set (Extreme Frontiers Canada is a tall Trade Airport Style Paperback), not available elsewhere  
This is a great way to buy 3 of Charley's books at a massively discounted price. All of his books are reduced for sale - but if you buy a set of 3, you save even more money!
The set includes:

Race to Dakar - Hardback - signed...
When Charley Boorman finished Long Way Round with Ewan, he somewhere - he cant quite recall, said he'd do the Dakar Rally. This throwaway line had pretty scary consequences. As momentum gained he found himself actually signing up to do the Dakar, probably the most dangerous race in the world. This book shows how it all panned out. Working with some great team mates, Simon Pavey, and old hand at the Dakar and owner of the BMW Off Road School, and Matt Hall, a solid name on the British Enduro circuit, the story unfolds, warts n'all. This is a great read - and who knows, maybe there's more to come?

Extreme Frontiers Canada - Tall Trade Paperback (Large Airport Style) - signed...
Canada is a country of extremes, and Charley knows all about pushing things to the limit. He goes dirt biking in New Brunswick; dives through old shipwrecks in the freezing waters off Tobermory; kayaks through the Manitoban wilderness and the swirling rapids of the Bloodvein River; takes a ride through the Badlands of Saskatchewan along Butch Cassidy's old Outlaw Trail; and heads deep into the eerie but beautiful caves of Vancouver Island.

Right to the Edge, Sydney To Tokyo - Hardback - signed...
Right to the Edge, From Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means follows the adventurer extraordinaire as he rides, rows and flies his way 9,500 miles north from his last stop in Sydney up the Pacific Rim to Japan's capital, Tokyo. Using quad bikes, hovercrafts, wooden scooters, canoes, para-gliders and of course his favourite mode of transport - motorbike - Charley travels across vibrant cities, treacherous seas and impenetrable jungle and experiences some of the world’s most stunning and diverse countries and cultures.

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Extreme Frontiers Canada By Any Means Race to Dakar
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