Hi Everyone... just to say that I'll be adding FAQ's over the next few days and weeks. I know some of you are keen to find out more about Shipping fees - particularly as some of you will be ordering from outside the UK.  We will add shipping fee guidelines in here. 

Shipping Fees?:
When you go through the purchasing process, you'll be shown the shipping fee at the end of the process - and when you choose the 'method' you can see the add on cost then. If you dont like the price of say 'shipping to New York' - you can just cancel there and then. Hope that helps for now. In the near future we'll be changing the payment gateway, which means the shipping cost will be clear at the beginning of the 'buy' process. 

DVDs and Regions?:
OK, as we probably know, DVD's are broken up into regions and they usually only play on the player for that region. There's PAL and NTSC types. PAL is UK (amongst others) and NTSC is North America.  We will specify what each DVD type is in the description of the product.  However, you can sometimes 'work around' these region issue by using more modern equipment.  Some modern DVD players are 'multi region' and you can therefore play both types. This means that if you live in the USA and you have a multi region DVD player, there's a good chance that the UK PAL DVD will work - but there's no guarantee!

Another possibility is to play on computer - as most computers read both PAL and NTSC but you may have to 'change' the settings on your computer DVD player.

Extreme Frontiers Canada - This DVD is NTSC so will play in North America and should play in modern European DVD players.

By Any Means and Sydney to Tokyo - This DVD is Region 2 so its PAL. It may play on multi-region players but won't on standard North American machines.

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