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By Any Means - Buff

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When Charley, Simon and Matt done the Dakar Rally in 2006, it was a massive challenge. Having the right bike, the right support and of course the right kit was essential. Sand and dust storms are just part of the days riding in Africa and so Buffera, who are a really cool company, right in the 'activity' zone, created some 'Race to Dakar' neck Buffs. These are now available for sale, but also we went on to create the By Any Means Buff. The By Any Means Buff is well cool.... check it out.

You can pull the Buff up over your face to keep the sand and the dust out - but if you know anything about Buff's you know you can do all sorts of cool things with them - from wrist bands to neck warmers to hats!

They're great for riders, walkers and in fact any out door activity. They all come in one size. We hope you like em!

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Extreme Frontiers Canada By Any Means Race to Dakar
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