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By Any Means - Buff or Covid Mask Alternative?

Sold out.

Back in the days of Long Way Round, Down and Race to Dakar, Buffera, a company right in the 'activity' zone, created some neck Buffs for us. These were very successful so we went on to create the By Any Means Buff - and we are down to the last few.

You can pull the Buff up over your face to keep the sand and the dust out - but if you know anything about Buff's you know you can do all sorts of cool things with them - from wrist bands to neck warmers to hats or even as an alternative to wearing a Covid mask?

They're great for riders, walkers and in fact any outdoor activity. They all come in one size. We hope you like em - but be quick as they are the last of all of Charley's Buffs - and when they're gone they're gone. 

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Extreme Frontiers Canada By Any Means Race to Dakar
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