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Right to the Edge, Sydney To Tokyo - Book SIGNED [HB]

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Hard Back Book:
This is a unique personally signed Hardback Book, not available anywhere else.  LIMITED STOCKS

Following the phenomenal success of By Any Means Wicklow to Sydney, Charley Boorman is back with a brand new adventure.

Right to the Edge, From Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means follows the adventurer extraordinaire as he rides, rows and flies his way 9,500 miles north from his last stop in Sydney up the Pacific Rim to Japan's capital, Tokyo. 

Using quad bikes, hovercrafts, wooden scooters, canoes, para-gliders and of course his favourite mode of transport - motorbike - Charley travels across vibrant cities, treacherous seas and impenetrable jungle and experiences some of the world’s most stunning and diverse countries and cultures. Along the way he encounters fascinating people in some of the most isolated communities. He meets and makes friends with everyone from surfer dudes in Australia to Tribal leaders in Papua New Guinea and learns of the history, religions and ways of life of the local people he is with.

Encapsulating some truly awe-inspiring experiences, the book is packed with adventure, motorbikes and Charley's enthusiasm for the world and its people.

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