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Extreme Frontiers DVD - South Africa REDUCED IN SALE

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This is a unique DVD that comes with a high quality Charley Boorman photograph to boot! Not available anywhere else.  
Charley Boorman's South African Adventure
Teaming up once again with producer/director Russ Malkin, they journey in a circular route starting and finishing in Cape Town, taking on all aspects of this wild and varied African country, experiencing the deeply rooted cultures, the extraordinary people, the remarkable wildlife and the incredible adventures along the way.

An abseil from the peak of Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain plunges Charley straight in to the start of his adventure. Following this he embarks on a journey of extremes that includes cage diving with deadly Great White Sharks in the rough Atlantic seas; navigating the majestic yet rather precarious Sani Pass to reach the icy peak - where just keeping on the road was a miracle; detonating dynamite deep underground in a Barberton Gold Mine; tracking lions on foot in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park - where there was nowhere to run or hide; and searching the ocean floor for the perfect diamond in the ship wreck strewn West Coast. The amazing trip culminates in a motorbike convoy down to Signal Hill in Cape Town accompanied by over 250 local riders.
This is Charley at his best again, funny, humble and down to earth - the reason so many people follow him and admire his work. Get this DVD now and add it to your Charley Boorman collection.
*Note: This DVD is in PAL format and therefore will not play in standard NTSC North American DVD Players

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