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Long Way Back - Book [HB] + Photo

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With high quality unique personally signed photograph LIMITED STOCKS.
In February 2016 Charley had a massive road traffic accident out in Portugal. Facing a long recovery road ahead and having to cancel a whole year's worth of action and adventure - with trips to Australia, South America and Africa - Charley decided to use the forced recovery time to reflect.
Having spent the better part of his life on some form of motorbike - riding a bike was just second nature to Charley, but his world came crashing down on that eventful day. With two broken legs, a broken hand and multiple less serious injuries, it was unclear if he would ever walk again - and even whether they could save his leg.
Moving between past and present, Long Way Back recounts Charley's recovery, the ambulance ride, the numerous operations in a Portuguese hospital, the medivac aircraft flight back to London.
In alternating chapters, as his inability to walk for several months provokes introspection, Charley recounts his childhood, where his passion for motorbikes began, and the formative influences in his life--from his father, a Hollywood film director, to his long-time friend Ewan McGregor, and Sean Connery's son Jason, who first introduced him to bikes.
As Charley struggles to cope with this potentially life-changing situation, it is these touchstones who will give him strength on the long way back to health.

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